CBHE Joint Project 598317 SMARTCITY: Innovative Approach towards a Master Program on Smart Cities Technologies

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Ulaanbaatar Mongolia


June, 2019

After arriving from project seminar 4.2 EU based Quality Assurance System, MUST coordinator Narantsetseg Yadmaa had the meeting with project team members including coordinators from National University of Mongolia. This former meeting concentrated on graduate study curriculum with Rita Technical University based on the Skype meeting discussion among the project related universities.  In the result, after this effective discussion, we have been agreed the integrated curriculum of joint graduate program, Computerised Control of Electrical Technologies, which will be implemented by RTU, MUST and NUM.   Mongolian student will study in RTU first one year, then students will continue their studies at home universities.

Also, MUST and NUM has discussed about the general agreement with Rita Technical University. MUST is already on the procedure of signing on the partnership agreement with Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov.